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visual representation of our acupuncture treatment philosophy

Acupuncture One

Treatment for Neurological Disorders

acupuncture chart showing channels in body as relating to treating stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and others

Who We Are

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We provide top notch service to treat complex neurological problems such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's. We are one of the few acupuncture clinics that focus on treatment of neurological disorders in Canada at this time. 

Our Expertise & Experts

Our proprietary stroke treatment system dates back to more than a century ago, spanning several generations of Chinese medicine practitioners, starting from the Ou family in Northeastern China. Incorporation of additional expertise further enhanced the effectiveness of our stroke treatment system. 

Mark Ma, M.Sc., R. Ac., R. TCMP is the lead acupuncturist of our group. He received training in Chinese medicine and acupuncture from China, Taiwan, United States, Europe and Canada. He inherited the expertise of 10 distinguished Masters in Chinese medicine, including Dr. Shinri Ou, Dr. Haixia Ni, Dr. Weichieh Young, to name a few. This led to astounding positive results for his patients.

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