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graphical representation of our treatment philisophy

Acupuncture One

Other Services

acupuncture graph illustrating channels used in treatment

At Acupuncture One, although our focus is to treat complex neurological disorders, we also provide services to patients with the following health conditions:

  • Rehabilitation from accidents, surgeries, long COVID, addiction or PTSD;

  • Chronic health conditions relating to internal organs, such as failing liver or kidneys, COPD, heart disease, diabetes;

  • Cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, or multiple myeloma …

  • Pain symptoms, issues with vision, hearing, insomnia, fatigue, skin condition, digestive problems, issues with urination or reproductive systems, constipation, infertility, osteoporosis …

Additionally, some conditions are related to improper dietary or lifestyle issues, which can be adjusted to ensure long-lasting health. As many food items are actually ingredients used in Chinese medicine, it can be detrimental to your health if you eat the wrong kind of food. We provide assistance to our patients to overcome these obstacles also.

*Acupuncture is an independent branch of Chinese medicine that can be used to treat essentially all kinds of medical problems, ranging from cold to cancer; it is not limited to only treating pain symptoms, although this is more widely known. Some of its interesting applications include, for example, to help children grow taller, to stop joints from squeaking, to enable athletes to outperform themselves, or to change one's emotions.

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