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Acupuncture One

Neurological Disorders and Treatments

Perspectives of Traditional Chinese Medicine

acupuncture graph  illustrating channels used in treatment

Generally speaking, any disorder that has to do with the brain involves the function of the kidneys. In other words, it’s because of the weakness of the kidneys that contributed to these problems.  

Specifically, many of these disorders have a pathogenic factor of “wind”, which relates to the liver. Relating to symptoms, any shaking, convulsion, or involuntary movement is manifestation of problems with the liver system, as commonly seen with Parkinson’s, seizures, and conditions such as the Restless Legs Syndrome. 
Because of the above, treatment strategy for stroke and other related conditions in Chinese medicine involves dispelling the “wind” and boosting the kidney function, regardless of their naming and classification in Western medicine, as they fall in the same category in the system of traditional Chinese medicine.   

It should be noted that the meaning of terms such as kidney and liver as well as the pathogenesis is not the same as in Western medicine, and this can cause confusions. The above explanation only serves as a starting point for people who are interested in learning about stroke treatment. As well, diagnosis can only be made considering specific circumstances of a patient, as generalization tends to lead to mistakes.  

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