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graphical representation of our treatment philisophy

Acupuncture One

Neurological Disorders and Treatments

Treatment Strategy and Results

acupuncture graph showing channels involved in treating stroke, parkinsons and multiple sclerosis

Treatment Strategy

As it goes with the theory in traditional Chinese medicine, where there is a medical condition, there is a disturbance with the accompanying energy flow in the affected organs. Using acupuncture needles as tools, we can stimulate and re-invigorate the energy flow back to normal, to where it was when the patient was healthy. This regenerated flow of energy corrects the patient’s underlying medical condition, which leads to restoration of patient’s health. This is the underlying principle for stroke treatment, as well as for related conditions.
What To Expect

While our inherited approach always generates positive results with the patient’s condition within five sessions of treatment, our improved stroke treatment system which incorporates additional expertise generates faster results, often after one session of treatment. In actual practice, similar results have been observed for Parkinson's, MS and ADHD patients also. However no guarantees are made due to variation in patient’s conditions. 
Patient's Feedback

Click here to see what our patients have to say about the treatment they received.

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